The first surface raceway with a Clear Channel.

Flexible vinyl flaps on base channel "traps" wire, making installation a one person job.

Solid color cover lids
Category 5 radius fittings
Visual load capacity check
Visual cable identification
Continuous Q.C. integrity
3 sizes: 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 1.5 inches

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Low cost - High quality
Perfect for around windows
and doors
Adhesive backing for
fast-easy installation

UL94VO Rated - flame
retardant PVC



Raceway on-a-roll was designed with the installer in mind. It's blend of easy storage, value and quality is just what a professional deserves.

It's low profile and paintable surface allows this surface mount raceway to be used on installations where minimum presence is required. Just rollout the length you need, cut with ordinary scissors, and fold into a rigid channel shape. Then remove the tape backing and apply to clean dry surface. Load wires or cable and snap shut.

2 sizes. Knowing that up to 100 feet of raceway packed in a box the size of a pizza box is always on hand is comforting also.

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Premiere's Latching Duct Raceway System is a single piece raceway with a living hinge. It has been designed to fit all of the Premiere WireHider Raceway Cat 5 accessory items: Inside/Outside Corners, Right Angle, Tees, Reducers, Ceiling Drops and Adapters. It is constructed from UL94VO listed material with UV stabilizer added to prevent fading. This system is offered in 6 foot lengths packaged 20 per carton.

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is the exclusive manufacturer of WIRE HIDER and RACEWAY ON-A-ROLL products.

Please call
(908) 872-2536 for free samples and a listing of national distributors.

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