is the exclusive manufacturer of the ORIGINAL WIRE HIDER brand non-metallic surface mount raceway and Raceway On-A-Roll products.

The WIRE HIDER brand Raceway system was designed to give you an extra hand. The soft flexible flaps trap wires in place during an installation allowing the installer to let go without worrying that the wires may fall out or be damaged while snapping a cover into place. WIRE HIDER is especially labor saving during vertical and ceiling runs.

The system is available in three sizes: ½”, 1” and 1 ½” and the following lengths: four, six and seven foot. Colors offered are: White, Beige, Brown and Clear. It comes complete with all Cat5 accessories, adapters and surface mount boxes. All products are produced from UL94VO Flame Retardant materials with UV stabilizer. It can be adhered to most surfaces using the adhesive backing or by mechanically fastening in place with screws. The advantages of the Clear WIRE HIDER is it allows for a visual load capacity check and ease of cable identification anywhere along the installation. The snap on Cover Lids are available in five different colors and can be painted using a latex paint if necessary.

Raceway On-A-Roll is a unique product that is exactly that, a raceway on a roll. It is space saving and low cost. It is packaged up to100 feet of raceway in a pizza size box. The product is marked every twelve inches to allow the installer to determine the amount needed. Then cut with ordinary scissors and fold into a rigid channel as shown in the illustrated instructions on the box. Remove the tape backing and apply to clean dry surface. Then load and snap shut. It’s that easy!

Please call (908) 872-2536  for  a listing of national distributors.


is the exclusive manufacturer of WIRE HIDER, PREMIERE LATCHING DUCT and RACEWAY ON-A-ROLL products.

Please call
(908) 872-2536 for a listing of national distributors.

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